1303 enthusiasts

Woofer repair

Feb 102018

So, the first set we acquired was the jubilee version of the 1303, which is the grey polyester version. I had seen one pair before, and have been chasing to get them for 10 years. They date 10/1/86, I bought them almost exactly 30 years after.

To no surprise, the Audax woofer surroundings where completely gone, and the grill cloth was in bad shape about 10 years after replacement. We got new surroundings from speakerrepairshop; AUDAX MHD21P37, aswel as the glue they recommend. I'll describe the process here.


We love Elipsons 1303

Feb 092018

This will be a blog about Elipson 1303 speakers.

 We repair, restore, experiment and eventually want to build somewhat of a clone. We'll share tips, data and our findings here.


See you soon!


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